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Services Provided

The following services are available:
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENTS - Psychological assessments are available for children and adolescents in elementary, secondary or post-secondary school. All assessments are conducted by a registered psychologist and include an evaluation of cognitive skills, academics, attention and organizational skills. If you are concerned about your child's academic skills, social development, organizational skills or attention, a psychological assessment is a great place to start. Results can be used to identify strengths, diagnose needs such as a learning disability, ADHD or autism and are accepted by both public and Catholic district school boards for identification. For more informaiton and rates, please contact Dr. Lorraine Campbell. 
  • GIFTED ASSESSMENTS - Students with exceptional cognitive and academic strengths can benefit from the accelerated learning, social mileu and enriched programming available in classes for gifted students. To be identified as a gifted student in public or Catholic district school boards, a student must complete an assessment that includes a measure of cognitive profile and academic skills. A gifted assessment is brief and requires only a single session of testing. For more information and rates, please contact Dr. Lorraine Campbell.
  • INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING - Children and teens with learning disabilities, autism or ADHD can face challenges in school, at home and in the community. Academic struggles, social difficulties and organizational challenges can lead to stress, anxiety, depression and acting-out behaviour. Individual counseling can help students discovers strengths and develop coping strategies.
  • PARENT SUPPORT - While parenting is always a challenge, it can be particularly stressfule if your child has learning, social or developmentl challenges. Counseling can help paerent to establish apprporiate expectations, reduce family stress and give their child the support and accommodations necessary to achieve their fullest potential.