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The following links are listed to provide you with additional online information and resources.

Health and Wellness

  • vividhealth.ca

Learning Disabilties

  • Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (www.ldao.ca) - Nonprofit organization providing advocacy and support to chidlren and youth with learning disabilities and their families.
  • The Integra Program / Child Development Institute (www.childdevelop.ca/programs/Integra-program) - Counselling and parent support for students with learning disabilities.
  • Learning Disabilites Research Program (eee.sickkids.ca/LDRP/Research Program) - Research program that works in coordination with school boards to offer remediation and support to students with reading difficulties.


Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


  • Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (www.caddac.ca) - Nonprofit organization providing support and advocacy for children with ADHD and their families.
  • Canadian ADHD Resouce Alliance (www.caddra.ca) - Nonprofit alliance of healthcare practioners providing education and training for clinicians. Website provides a wealth of support for students with ADHD.




  • Geneva Centre for Autism (www.autism.net) - Provides support, counselling and education to individuals with autism and their families.
  • Kerry's Place Autism Services (www.kerrysplace.org) - Multiple services available for children with autism and their families.




  • Association for Bright Children of Ontario (www.abcontario.ca) - Volunteer organization providing support and advocacy for gifted students.
  • National Association for Gifted Children (nagc.org) - Advocacy and support addressing needs of gifted student



Tools for all teens (toolsforallteens.com) - Helping teens to cope with stress through a combination of journaling, yoga and mindfulness.




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